The cradle of excellent wines, a unique and extraordinary terroir. Montalcino.

Montalcino is our home. It’s our Land. Montalcino is an exceptionally suitable terroir where the best Italian wines take shape. A land with gentle slopes, caressed by the Air in the form of constant winds, warmed by the Sun, nourished by the Water in raindrops that we wisely look after.

A land, ours, the heart of an extraordinary production that is hazy in the mists of time, which the Luce Estate continues to perpetuate. A place; Montalcino, in perfect harmony with the surrounding vineyards, where nature is full, rich in biodiversity. Typically Italian landscapes, classically Tuscan and beloved, bring extraordinary made in Italy wines to life.

Land of wines and “ameni colli”.

Wine has been made here for centuries; since the mid-fifteenth century by Leandro Alberti, who, in his Descrittione di tutta Italia [Description Of All Italy], speaks of Montalcino “for the good wines that come from those ameni colli“.

An unchanged, enchanting village which has kept its ancient medieval charm intact, perched on a hill 567m above sea level. Its land, so classically Tuscan, is part of the Natural and Cultural Artistic Park of the Val d’Orcia and the Sienese stretch of the Via Francigena – the main route for Christian pilgrims travelling from Oltralpe to Rome.

Excellent wines thanks to the perfect terroir.

The quality of production in Montalcino is based on a unique geological formation and optimum climatic conditions: the wind keeps the Air fresh and clean on these hills; the summers are long, dry and sunny. A salubrious microclimate of unmatched value, truly unique.

In such a suitable environment, the Luce Estate reaches excellence through the wise hands of its men. We learn from nature, we gather the best from nature: fruits which we look after with care, patience and respect. And they go on to take shape in incomparable wines.