The harmony of a place where the miracle of life is repeated daily. Where our vineyards maintain their strength and vigour, year on year. This is the Luce Estate, our home.

The Land, source of nourishment.

Gently spread over soft slopes southwest of Montalcino, the Luce Estate Vineyards cover one of the most favourable areas for the cultivation of vines, rich in biodiversity. These are plots with heterogeneous features, ranging from 200 to 430m above sea level.

The land in our Estate has an extreme variety of soils, divisible into three main areas: mixed-clay, below; sandy-schistose, above; and yellow sandstone and sand in the middle. Several structures, different balances between the nutrients; which we respect every time we work on the land: the soil, rich in minerals and organic matter, is a living entity thanks to the microorganisms and insects which inhabit it. It is a living land, the greatest solution for the balance of the ecosystem. And for the harmony of the vineyard.

The Sun, our symbol, our ally.

The wind keeps the Air healthy and constantly clean on the hills of the Luce Estate, in the terroir’s best climatic tradition; the image that the summers are long, warm and sunny is especially true for us, so exposed to the midday sun as we are. The Sun is crucial: an ally that slowly brings our grapes to complete maturation; something to respect and learn about during the long summer months.

The harmony of Land, Air, Water and Sun.

Our men know that the Sun must be in symbiosis with the other primary elements to give energy and life. For this reason, our land’s soils have been intelligently and deeply worked to enable roots to develop in places where nutrition and Water are less affected by climate factors. The supply of Air is also essential in the form of constant ventilation. Finally, green manure, based on different plant essences, also has deep roots which penetrate the soil, making it softer and rich in nutrition and organic matter.

To raise vines is to have a careful and thoughtful hand, respectful of how nature creates. It is not just producing Super Tuscan wines: it is planting vineyards strictly according to the use of each parcel. At the Luce Estate, Merlot is on mixed-clay soils, while Sangiovese is on sandy-schistose soils.