Respecting the balance of nature, the Luce Estate creates life.
In the form of excellent wines.

The Luce Estate, excellent Tuscan wines.

Every year, from that distant 1993, we maintain our vineyards’ balance and stability by working with care and precision. Slowly, without haste, with dedication and care, expertise and respect, the Luce Estate has built deep and penetrating roots, like those of its Tuscan Vineyards – heavily linked to the soil; deeply rooted in a weave that creates and gives life. And it bears top Italian wines.

The story continues.

Our creations are the pure expression of our excellent Tuscan wine knowledge, always evolving, born of an ambitious dream – creating extraordinary wines in an already exceptionally suitable terroir. This vision has been realised to its fullest extent.

Year after year, vintage after vintage, we renew the Land’s balance thanks to knowledge, patience and experience. A balance which we maintain. Which we pass on.

The Luce Estate is today a charming place where man treats nature with infinite respect, bringing a family of wines to life which are full of character and gentleness, richness and seduction, fragrance and aromatics, complexity and depth. Wines which are a tribute to the land of origin, without straying from an extremely personal, original interpretation of the terroir. We work fully respecting natures times and ways, maintaining balance over all. Starting with balance in the vineyard.

The agreement between the primary elements, the balance of our vineyards, the harmony of the land where the Luce Estate is nestled, the perfect balance between the elegance of the Sangiovese – the main vine in this area – and the power of the Merlot – only introduced to Montalcino in 1976: these are the notes which form Luce, our flagship wine, capable of representing made in Italy excellence and uniqueness all around the world, vintage after vintage.

Being a second wine can turn into a vocation. In the case of La Vite Lucente, it is. Strongly characteristic with immediate and pleasurable notes led by the fruit, it is an authentic interpretation of the land. Perfected for 12 months in the barriques of the Estate then bottled directly in our Winery

Luce Brunello

Our homage to Montalcino, to the land where, in the second half of the 19th-century, the Brunello was born; the first wine in Italy to gain Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origins status. It was 1980.

Of the 88 vined hectares of the Luce Estate, 11 are registered for Brunello di Montalcino. This is where grapes for Luce Brunello come from: the source of excellence of a land of undeniable wine-growing suitability; our personal interpretation of a great wine, without renouncing the originality that has always characterized our creations.

Grappa di Luce
Created in 1998 via collaboration with Jacopo Poli and a common desire to improve the Luce Estate’s Sangiovese and Merlot pomace with a very high-quality distillate. Luce Grappa, held in French oak barriques for 3 years, stands out for its high-class bouquet. The nose is an explosion of fruity and spicy notes; in the mouth, it is enveloping, with great refinement and aromatic complexity.