Verona – Teatro Nuovo, 10/04/2016

Luce 2013 and Music

“Notes of wine, notes of music” was the theme chosen by Luce at FuoriVinitaly 2016.


Outsider, a magazine born to tell the story of Luce’s first 20 years.

2015 has been a memorable year for Luce: the Super Tuscan blend celebrated its twentieth vintage.


2016: it’s time for Luce Brunello 2011

Brunello di Montalcino is known as one of Italy’s pre-eminent wines and is loved and sought out by wine enthusiasts the world over.


Taccuino #Luce4Expo: Fabulous even after Expo

Yes, the last lights of Expo 2015 may have officially gone out, but the sparks of its achievements are still trailing across the sky, a success composed of encounters and exchanges about the incredible range of culinary and fine wine traditions across the globe.

New York - Rockefeller Plaza, 18/06/2015

Christie’s auctions Luce for the Baryshnikov Arts Center

It was a 57,100-dollar triumph, the amount that Christie’s gavelled down to close the bidding of prestigious Italian wines organised by the London-based auction house. That made it possible for Luce to donate that same amount to the Baryshnikov Arts Center, the foundation created by Russian ballet genius Mikhail Baryshnikov to encourage young talent across the entire spectrum of the arts.

Bordeaux - Vinexpo, 14/06/2015

Luce, Outsider in the land of Bordeaux

As a component of the celebrations of Luce’s 20th vintage, Luce’s participation at the 34th edition of Vinexpo was made infinitely more memorable for a select group of international guests by a tasting of the most representative vintages of its first 20 years.

New York - Baryshnikov Arts Center, 05/05/2015

Twenty Years of Luce dance in Manhattan

New York too was a venue for a remarkable evening that Luce dedicated to the celebration of its 20th vintage.

Milan, Ex-Church of San Carpoforo, 19/03/2015

Celebrations in the heart of the Brera for Luce 20

In the prestigious venue of the ex-Church of San Carpoforo, which the Accademia di Brera generously made available for the occasion, Italian and foreign bloggers and journalists took part in the official celebrations for the twentieth vintage of Luce. Together with Lamberto Frescobaldi and Michael Mondavi, the invited guests watched the premier projection of the short film, An Outsider in Montalcino, then enjoyed a gala evening, which included the culinary creations of Davide Oldani, paired with Luce 2000 in Methuselahs and, of course, with Luce 2012, the vintage that completes the circle of the first twenty years of Luce.

Across the globe, 01/04/2015

Twenty years of Luce travel the world

Luce presented its 20th vintage to the world.


The magic circle of 20 vintages

Twenty guests for twenty vintages of Luce: this was the theme of the tasting that Lamberto Frescobaldi and Michael Mondavi offered an ultra-select group of journalists just before the official opening of the public celebration of Luce’s twentieth anniversary. The VIP tasters thus had the truly rare opportunity of tasting the entire history of Luce, from 1993 through 2012.

Verona. Teatro Nuovo and Piccolo Teatro di Giulietta, 22/03/2015

Luce 20 stars at FuoriVinitaly

After its participation in Opera Wine, alongside Italy’s greatest wine brands, Luce played another prominent role in FuoriVinitaly, with a special evening celebration dedicated to the introduction of its twentieth vintage. Following the projection in the Teatro Nuovo of the short film, An Outsider in Montalcino, the festivities continued in the foyer of the Piccolo Teatro di Giulietta. This romantic location served as the dramatic backdrop for a tasting Luce 2000 in Methuselahs and, of course, by the much-awaited star of the evening, Luce 2012, all in the presence of Lamberto Frescobaldi and Michael Mondavi.

Milan, 19/03/2015

An Outsider in Montalcino.

This short film, shot to celebrate the twentieth vintage of Luce, traces the history of the wine, as seen through the eyes of a very unusual figure, one who is determined to uncover every last secret of this wine, even as far as physically touching “The twentieth moment of this unique wine,” which is precisely the film’s subtitle.

Shot entirely in Montalcino, the denomination where Luce’s roots grow deep, the film received its official preview in Milan last 19 March, before an exclusive international public of journalists and VIP guests, within the striking walls of the ex-Church of San Carpoforo, which now houses the Accademia di Brera, which hosted the event.

Milan - Four Seasons Hotel, 12/06/2014

Four Seasons Milan: Luce Tasting

Lamberto Frescobaldi led a vertical tasting of Luce at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. A select number of journalists and bloggers tasted several vintages of Luce: 1995, 2000,2004, 2006 and the most recent vintage, 2011.

Milan, 12/06/2014

Fiori di Luce. Vino, Terra, Foglia

Following the official presentation in Murano, Fiori di Luce: Vino, Terra, Foglia is now on display at the Spazio Venini in Milan.
This trio of vases is Venini’s interpretation of Luce.
The original “Calla” vase by Tyra Lundgren, first presented at the Venice Biennale in 1948, is brought to life again in a trio of vases that represent some of the characteristics of Luce. Its color is reproduced by the red made in the Opaline ​​technique. The use of gold leaf creates an effect that resembles the soil of vineyards, and finally the Phoenician technique evokes the texture of grape leaves.
It is a work inspired by light, exclusively for Luce.

Milan, 10/10/2013

The Harvest

Luce della Vite is a guest, for the second year, of the Venini store for the third edition of Vendemmia della Via Montenapoleone, Harvest of Via Montenapoleone.

Verona, 07/04/2013

An Armchair For Luce

Nella magia del piccolo TeatroRistori, sotto i riflettori della sua ribalta, Luce, in occasione del FuoriVinitaly, dà ancora una volta spettacolo di sé presentando in anteprima il marchio con cui darà vita al progetto Casa di Luce 2013: Poltrona Frau, una firma italiana eccellente nel mondo, affine per unicità e carattere a Luce.

Verona, 25/03/2012

Luce Lights Up Verona Once Again

Far from the noise of the crowd, Luce returns again this year to fill your glasses at an intimate gathering among friends. And for two very good reasons: to introduce the 2009 vintage and to discover the newest creation of Casa di Luce.

Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) - Stabilimenti Richard Ginori, 25/03/2012

Geni di Luce

The earth, when it appears as galestro soil, becomes the cradle of Sangiovese, if it is richer in clay, it bears Merlot. Twin earths so rich in history, in life, in character, that they inspired a third, the noble clay of Richard Ginori 1735, in the creation of Geni di Luce, an art-piece that conveys the story of a super tuscan wine and its twin earths through the noble magic of Italian porcelain.

Venice - Ristorante Da Fiore, 18/09/2009

Luce and The Decanter Designed by Carlo Moretti

Luce 2006 and the decanter Soffio di Luce, designed by Carlo Moretti of Murano were presented together at the Venetian restaurant Da Fiore, on September 18th. Present were Tiziana Frescobaldi, Giovanni Moretti, and several journalists.

Luce is a unique wine created with the greatest attention to detail. The choice to work with world renown Carlo Moretti glass studio was almost automatic, given their shared philosophy: create one of a kind works of art.

Acquario Romano - Rome, 11/05/2009

Illuminating With Light (Luce) on an Evening in May

The exclusive venue of the Acquario Romano was the setting for the festive debut of Luce 2006. The gala evening, which drew celebrities from the worlds of fine food and wine, and of high culture and entertainment, was also as the festive finale to the “Momenti di Luce” photographic competition, which featured artists who were asked to interpret various moments and themes pertaining to the birth and life of Luce. From November 2008 through March 2009, photographers Giorgio Bertoncello, Salvatore Fazio, Enzo Massa, Giorgio Cecca, Alberto Placidoli, and Angela Maria Antuono entered into the life of Luce, focusing their inspiration on its places, people, harvest, and the cycle of the seasons, baring witness through their art to the earth, the cellars, and the people whose lives are bound up with this Tuscan wine. During an event dedicated to the presentation of Luce 2006, Leonardo Frescobaldi, together with the professional jury, awarded Salvatore Fazio as the photographer who best captured the spirit of Luce.

Area Ex Richard Ginori - Milan, 23/04/2009

Group C14 – Fusion of Light (Off-Programme, Salone)

During Milan’s week-long salon for the world of design and art, Velasco Vitali, in collaboration with Luce and Entis, presented his personal study of the process of interaction light-form-material in search of the gradations of darkness and the secrets of shade, through experimental illumination of three of his sculptures.

Functionally installed in a converted ex-industrial area, Velasco’s three works suggest physical equilibrium and precarious form, and, although they share the same fused shape, each differs in surface, in colour, and in the “tension” inherent in the material itself.

The labour of research and experimentation begins with the assimilation of this delicate balance and, by means of studying artificial light in a custom-designed environment, it transforms itself into an examination of the particular characteristics of shade and shadow in which the spirit of the material world expresses itself in surprising and unexpected aspects.

Villa I Colazzi - Florence, 20/10/2007

Larry Fink For Luce, Photography Collection

The Luce Brunello wine di Montalcino docg inaugural evening recounted through the photographs of celebrated American artist Larry Fink.