Luce. Our inaugural wine: always a revelation, for twenty vintages.

Welcome to the world of Luce, welcome to the terroir of Montalcino, where Luce’s grapes flower and ripen, yielding a truly one-of-a-kind wine. Those still unfamiliar with Luce will discover an amazing world; those who have had the pleasure of its acquaintance will never forget it. The pages that follow reveal Luce’s history, its past, and its present. Discover the passion that is its life-force and the extraordinary character that is its personality. Vintage after vintage.


The character, personality, and DNA of all the natural gifts of a terroir without peer, vintage after vintage. Everything there is to know about the Luce family of products. Luce, the quintessential expression of the noble wines of Tuscany. Every vintage a revelation.

Luce Venini

Fiori di Luce, vino, terra, foglie

Milan - Spazio Venini, 06/12/2014

Following the official presentation in Murano, Fiori di Luce: Vino, Terra, Foglia is now on display at the Spazio Venini in Milan. This trio of vases is Venini’s interpretation of Luce.

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Lamberto Frescobaldi


Lamberto Frescobaldi: his passion and his expertise will inspire him as he meets the challenge of guiding into the future the visionary project created by his father and Robert Mondavi.

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