Our Montalcino wines, Italy. As nature knows.

In the beginning, there was the Sun. Then there was Luce.

Much more than a simple logo, the Sun which shines on Luce
 tells the story of the Land. The Land of Montalcino. And the ambitions of its men, who every day transform the Luce Estate into an authentic, living environment where wines from Montalcino, some of the best-loved wines in the world, are created and cared for.

Air, Water, Fire. And Land. The Land of Montalcino.

We are going to tell you the story of a Land which we respect and improve through our tireless search for harmony; of balance between the primordial elements which create the perpetual circle of life. The Sun, Land, Air and Water, in the form of heat and minerals, wind and rain, reveal the perennial charm which, in nature, makes life changeable but essentially eternal.

Nature creates, nature knows. Man learns from her with care and dedication. And she cares. As nature knows.

Luce 2013, the story continues.

Luce 2013 is a memorable vintage that strikes a perfect balance, a perfect harmony, between the vigour of Merlot and the allure of Sangiovese. From the moment it is first poured into the glass, it expresses extraordinary richness through an impenetrably intense colour and a complex, elegant bouquet. The promise of excellence that the twenty-first vintage had hinted at has been more than kept.


Luce 2013 and Music

Verona – Teatro Nuovo, 10/04/2016

“Notes of wine, notes of music” was the theme chosen by Luce at FuoriVinitaly 2016.



2015 has been a memorable year for Luce: the Super Tuscan blend celebrated its twentieth vintage.



2016: it’s time for Luce Brunello 2011

Brunello di Montalcino is known as one of Italy’s pre-eminent wines and is loved and sought out by wine enthusiasts the world over.



The character, personality, and DNA of all the natural gifts of a terroir without peer, vintage after vintage. Everything there is to know about the Luce family of products. Luce, the quintessential expression of the noble wines of Tuscany. Every vintage a revelation.

Luce Venini

Fiori di Luce, vino, terra, foglie

Milan - Spazio Venini, 06/12/2014

Following the official presentation in Murano, Fiori di Luce: Vino, Terra, Foglia is now on display at the Spazio Venini in Milan. This trio of vases is Venini’s interpretation of Luce.

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Lamberto Frescobaldi


Lamberto Frescobaldi: his passion and his expertise will inspire him as he meets the challenge of guiding into the future the visionary project created by his father and Robert Mondavi.

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